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Curriculum Vitae

Martin Glowacki (2005)

Personal Information

Name : Ing. Martin Glowacki
Birth : 13. Jan. 1974 in Vienna
Marital Status : married to Gabriele Glowacki (nee Neumann)
Residence : in Baden near Vienna
Citizenship : Austria


1980 - 1983 : Elementary school Keplergasse in Vienna
Vienna School of Music for children
1983 - 1985 : Elementary school and secondary school at the Vienna Boys Choir
1985 - 1988 : Secondary school BR und BRG Frauengasse in Baden near Vienna
Computer Training (Operating Systems, Software Programming) at NCR
1988 - 1994 : HTL for Electronics and Computer Science at the HTBLA u. VA Mödling.
Additional trainings (programming languages, mathematics, industrial management).
General qualification for university entrance.
since 1994 : Computer Science / Computer Engineering study and Computer Science in
Economics at the Vienna University of Technology and at the University of Vienna
2005 : Earning the title Engineer
miscellaneous : Drivers License (B group)
Sailor's Basic Course
Dancing class (bronze and silver)
First aid training (16 hour basic course)

Professional Career

1988 - 1994 : traineeship at several corporations like Siemens Austria
1994 - 2000 : development for several corporations (application programming,
hardware development, network design, database development, webdesign
and internet development, server and network administration, server design
and support).
2000 - 2006 : working at the HSD GmbH (application programming, network and system
programming, database development, webdesign and internet programming,
server and network administration and support)
since 2006 : development for several corporations (application programming,
database development, internet programming, network and system
development, data mining, natural language processing,
machine learning and AI).

Knowledge and Experience

Platforms : HW/SW development on Intel, AMD, Motorola, PICmicro und Zilog, SPS
Systems : mainly UNIX/LINUX and MS-Windows
Programming Languages : Assembler, Ada, Ada95, C, C++, C#, Basic, VB, VB.net, ASP,
Java, JavaScript, JAPE, HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, UNIX Shell Scripts,
Smalltalk, Modula-2, Pascal, Delphi, Eiffel, Oberon, Logo, XML, XSLT,
Prolog, SQL, Clipper
Databases : MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, dBase, MS-Access, MS-SQL
Tools : PCAD, OrCAD, SPICE, Mono, .NET, NetBeansIDE, Eclipse, KDevelop,
Quanta Plus, MS Developer Tools, Gimp, GCC, Sun JDK, Mozilla, Thunderbird,
OpenOffice, phpMyAdmin, etc.
miscellaneous : algorithm development and optimization, network client/server programming,
network and server design, internet development, databases, system
programming, natural language processing, microcontroller development.

Hobbies and Interests

Music : classic, jazz, middle ages music
Technology : robotics, AI, programming languages, algorithms, LINUX, astronomy,
mathematics, fractals
Asia : Japan and Japanese, calligraphy, Tai Chi, TCM, sushi, Go, Zen, Kyudo
Spare Time : hiking, cycling, geocaching
Books and Movies : science fiction, fantasy, Star Trek
Internet : IRC, YM, MSN, AIM, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Wengo, Skype, Voice/Video over IP
Member of : Absolventenverein der HTL Mödling , OCG (Austrian Computer Society) ,
EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science) ,
GIMPS / Mersenne Prime Search Producer , SourceForge

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